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SPERCs (factsheet and CHEASR files) and UseReports for Construction Chemicals 

Here you will find UseReports (UseR) for the formulation and the end uses of construction chemicals mixtures. Uses are mapped using the Use Descriptors System and additional information is provided to allow exposure assessment at screening level (using ECETOC TRA - Version 2).

The use mappings includes 10 different Specific Environmental Release Categories (SPERCs) for the construction chemicals sector. These SPERCs are implemented under the abbreviation EFCC 1 to EFCC 10. Following the release of CEFIC’s updated guidance on specific Environmental Release Classes (SPERCs) in November 2012, the SPERCs have been revised for the 2013 registrations. The revised SPERCs have been made available through SPERC factsheets and in so-called CHESAR SPERC files. These are electronic formats for direct use of SPERCs with ECHA’s IT tool for Chemical Safety Report. The CHESAR SPERC files can be used with the current CHESAR 2.1 version and support thorough documentation and justification of the emission assessment in the Chemical Safety Report as produced by CHESAR. Where possible, industry calls on 2013 registrants to use the updated SPERC information.

Here you get direct access to:

UseReports "UseR" (Use Descriptors)

SPERC factsheets (Specific Environmental Release Categories)


Explanatory note